Step 1 – First Cleanse

The first cleanse in your routine is about helping to melt away makeup and removing the surface layer of dirt, pollution and toxins from the day. Every time you use the Cleansing Face Balm, the 100% natural formulation prepares your skin for a deeper second cleanse.

Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types.

How to use: Simply apply the balm to all areas of the face, including around the eye area, before removing thoroughly with a muslin cloth or flannel. Skin should feel cleansed and refreshed, but not stripped, dry or tight!

Frequency: Daily

Top Tip: You can also use the cleansing balm to remove eye makeup! 

Step 2 – Second Cleanse

With your skin halfway through its cleansing routine, it’s now prepped for a deeper, more thorough cleanse. This is where a water-based cleanser is vital, such as our Fennel & Cardamom Chai Soap Bar. It can penetrate more deeply into the pores to remove impurities deeper in the pores, thus helping prevent breakouts, build-up and spots.

Skin type:

How to use: Dampen face and apply soap bar with a little water to lather.

Frequency: Daily

Step 3 - Exfoliate

With your skin thoroughly cleansed, you’re now prepped to exfoliate! Our body and face exfoliators help to buff away dead, dry skin to reveal fresh glowing skin underneath. Regular exfoliation helps to prevent buildup and spots.

Skin type : 

How to use: Our oil-based scrubs should always be applied to damp skin. Make sure to shake the tube to ensure the oils are mixed, then squeeze out into palm of hands. Apply in circular motions, leave a short moment and then rinse.

Frequency: Both body and face scrub can be used 3-4 times per week.

Step 4 – Moisturise

With your skin now cleansed and exfoliated, it’s time to give it some love! As a general rule of thumb - when moisturising, using the lightest, water-based products first when layering your skincare. Our Face Moisturiser has cocoa butter and aloe vera to soothe and nourish the skin.

Skin Type: All skin types, including oily skin.

How To Use: Apply with fingertips, massaging upwards, outwards motions.

Frequency: Twice daily

Step 5 – Hydrate

As the next step in your skincare routine, use an oil-based, water-free serum to deliver intense nourishment and hydration. Through a combination of linoleic-acid rich oils and vitamin C, our Face Serum helps to promote the production of collagen, keeping skin supple.

Skin Type: All skin types, including oily skin.

How To Use: Apply a few drops to damp skin with fingertips, massaging in slowly in circular motions.

Frequency: Twice daily

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Real Results, Real People

"Honestly cannot thank you guys enough! Since having my baby I have horrid skin and it was so upsetting. I’ve hyperpigmentation on my right cheek bone and upper lip. The redness and spots have gone and my pigmentations much less visible."