WILLIAM: Co-founder.

The number cruncher.

A touch-typing whiz with the focus of a monk. So long as he's got a Boiler Room set to listen to, he can plug formulas into Excel without stopping to think.

FAVE PRODUCT: Face Mask – it’s the unsung hero of our range.

ANNA: Co-founder.

The story-teller.

If Will is all about numbers, Anna is all about words. Going to an event? She’ll be on the panel. Visiting a show? She’ll say Hi first! Reading an article? Chances are, Anna wrote it.

FAVE PRODUCT: The Face Moisturizer – I LIVE for its texture.

SOPHIE H: Sales Superstar.

It’s a good thing she’s got a nice speaking voice because this gal is on the phones 24/7. Boutiques, spas, hotels, online stores – we want UpCircle in them all!

FAVE PRODUCT: The Cinnamon + Ginger soap – it’s my everyday skincare essential.

LAURA: Marketing Master.

Our wider mission is to get UpCircle products into every home. Laura is setting up brand collaborations, influencer partnerships, booking events, podcasts, webinars.. you name it! If it’s a channel we can tell our story through, Laura is the woman putting UpCircle in place.

FAVE PRODUCT:The Eye Cream, as someone with naturally dark under eye circles it's changed the game - and it smells UNREAL!

MICHAEL: The Money Man.

You order it, then you pay for it, then we send it, then you enjoy it. Michael makes sure those middle steps happen smoothly! Are we spending too much? Are we smashing our targets? Michael stays on top of it! (Someone has to!).

FAVE PRODUCT:The Peppermint Body Scrub. It's a great way to feel refreshed in the morning which is something I underestimated for setting my day up to be a good one!!

SOPHIE L: Customer Care Champion.

Notice that little pop up box that appeared when you came on to our website? Well, Sophie’s on the other side of it – answering skincare questions, matching you with the best products for you, and generally making sure our UpCirclers have everything they need!

FAVE PRODUCT: The Cleansing Balm - the smell is amazing and it makes my skin feel so soft and fresh! I would wear it instead of foundation if I could!

JULIANA: Operations Officer.

Stock comes in, stock goes out. That’s operations at its most basic. The reality is a whole lot more complicated..! We’ve got ingredients, packaging, manufacturing and equipment all needing to land at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities. With varied lead times, locations and personalities to contend with, you need an organisational wizard. Juliana is just that!

FAVE PRODUCT: The Face Serum – it smells amazing, and it works so well on my combination skin, which was unimaginable to me!

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