The brains behind the operation.

A touch-typing whiz with the focus of a monk. So long as he's got a Boiler Room set to listen to, he can plug formulas into Excel without stopping to think.

FAVE PRODUCT: Face Mask – it’s the unsung hero of our range.


The story-teller.

If Will is all about numbers, Anna is all about words. Going to an event? She’ll be on the panel. Visiting a show? She’ll say Hi first! Reading an article? Chances are, Anna wrote it.

FAVE PRODUCT: Moisturiser – I LIVE for its texture.

SOPHIE: Sales superstar.

It’s a good thing she’s got a nice speaking voice because this gal is on the phones 24/7. Boutiques, spas, hotels, online stores – we want UpCircle in them all!

FAVE PRODUCT: The Cinnamon + Ginger soap – it’s my everyday skincare essential.

BARBS: Warehouse guru.

If you’ve ordered it, she’s getting it to you, whether that’s 1 serum or 1000 serums. She’s also an upcycling wizard, she’ll stash tape inner tubes and transform them into plant stands!

FAVE PRODUCT: The Body Scrubs that started it all!

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