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What is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation?

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is when a spot or acne breakout leaves behind dark marks or blemishes. We explain how to prevent and get rid of it.

Is water good or bad for your skin?

Is water good or bad for your skin? We explain everything you need to know about tap water and skin, as well as how to protect your skin from hard water.

All The Nasties: Toxic Skincare Ingredients To Avoid

What we put on our skin is important. But do you know what ingredients you should be avoiding in your skincare? Here are the toxic ingredients you don't want in your beauty routine.

Does chemical-free skincare exist?

Chemical-free skincare is a bit of a myth. To help you understand the realities of chemical-free skincare, we explain all about the chemicals used in skincare products.


Check out our recipe for turning leftover fruit into ice lollies. The perfect summertime snack to rescue strawberries, blueberries and more!

Does makeup make acne worse?

For those who struggle with spots, makeup can be an amazing tool for boosting self-confidence. But does makeup cause acne or make acne worse? We explain all.

Top Tips For Looking After Teenage Skin & Acne

Teenage acne is incredibly common but can feel difficult to tackle. We advise on the best skincare routine for oily teenage skin and how to minimise acne.

Make your own homemade coffee scrub with our DIY recipe

If you fancy having a go at making your own homemade coffee scrub, here we share the best DIY coffee scrub recipe that you can tailor to your needs.

The ugly side to the sheet mask trend

Are sheet masks bad for the environment? They may be popular but there’s an ugly side to the sheet mask trend – we explain everything you need to know.

The benefits of night creams

If you go to bed without using a night cream then you’re missing out on an incredible treat for your skin. Here we explain the many benefits of night cream.

A guide to choosing an SPF

In our guide to choosing an SPF, we explain the different types of SPF, why you still need SPF in winter, and the best SPF products for sensitive skin.

LGBTQ+ resources to celebrate Pride Month

We've pulled together our favourite LGBTQ+ resources, from podcasts to books and films, these are some our top picks...

Understanding skin structure and skin microbiome


Understanding the structure of the skin and the skin microbiome can be really useful in helping you choose the best skincare products and ingredients.

Salicylic acid benefits for skin


Salicylic acid is increasingly being recognised as a wonder ingredient in skincare. We explain the various benefits of salicylic acid in your skin routine.


It's all well and good us telling you how great our by-product beauty products are... but of course we're biased - so let's hand over to our customers to do the work for us.
Have a look and a read through some of our latest UpCircler skin transformations!

Simple skin care routines for morning and evening


Are you looking for a simple skin care routine for morning and night that’s natural, straightforward, and absolutely not convoluted? Then this guide is for you.

A celebration of natural skin texture

We believe that everyone should celebrate their natural skin texture. But we also know that considering your skin texture is vital when choosing your skincare.

Bioplastics: good or bad for the environment?


What is bioplastic? We discuss the pros and cons of bioplastics, whether they are better for the environment, and the different types.

The UpCircle guide to skincare for men


In our UpCircle guide to male grooming and skincare, we explain all the basics of a good men’s skincare routine – from washing and shaving to moisturization.

Why we need to banish face wipes


Face wipes wreak havoc on both the environment and your skin. We explain why face wipes are bad for the environment and share some eco-friendly alternatives.

Tips for looking after skin during and after the menopause


Skin changes during the menopause are perfectly normal. We share our tips on the best skincare for menopausal skin – both during and after the menopause.


During the pandemic, Asian hate crime has wrongfully sky-rocketed. For many of us, over the past few weeks, we’ve consumed knowledge via social media, articles, podcasts – there's a lot to digest

We’ve created a non-exhaustive list of resources, which we hope will serve as a hub of educational materials for us to continue to #StopAsianHate.

Chai Five! Chai Health Benefits & Uses


We use leftover and repurposed chai tea spices in our soap bars and award-winning candle. Here we explain what chai is and the amazing health benefits of chai.

Our top tips for acne-free skin

We share our top tips to clear up acne and keep those blemishes at bay. From keeping your skincare regime simple to making some healthy lifestyle changes.

What is my skin type?

What is my skin type? The answer to this common question isn’t always clear-cut. We explain how to identify your skin type and choose products accordingly.

Why fragrance-free skincare is best


We explain why synthetic fragrances are problematic for skin, and why alcohol and fragrance-free skincare is kinder to both your skin and the environment.


Here's to female empowerment! This International Women's Day is about how we #ChooseToChallenge and each of us can make a difference – After all - ‘A challenged world is an alert world!’ 

Skincare for oily skin – why your oily skin still needs oil

Here we share our best tips for oily skin. From characteristics and what causes it, to the best products to use and whether it’s okay to use oil on oily skin.

Double cleansing – what is it and how do I do it?

 Double cleansing has become the new norm across the skincare industry. But what is double cleansing, why should you do it, and how do you do it effectively?

Why eye cream should be part of your skin routine


Eye creams are becoming increasingly popular – and for good reason. We explain the benefits of eye cream and why you should consider using it.

Is your skin dry or dehydrated?


Did you know that dry skin and dehydrated skin are different things? We explain how to tell whether your skin is dry or dehydrated and how to combat both.

How to tackle pregnancy acne


If you’re dealing with acne during pregnancy, you’re far from alone. We share our best pregnancy skincare advice and tips on how to tackle pregnancy acne.

Your sustainable & vegan Valentine’s Day gift guide


We’ve put together a list of thoughtful vegan gift ideas for her and for him in our sustainable Valentine’s Day gift guide – suitable for all budgets.

Fruit waters and their benefits in skincare


Fruit water for skin brings a range of fabulous benefits. We use bergamot, kiwi and mandarin fruit waters in our skincare – here we explain why.

Did you know these popular skincare ingredients come from animals?

Did you know these popular skincare ingredients come from animals? Here are all the non vegan skincare ingredients to be aware of and their vegan alternatives.

7 benefits of using face serum

Should you be using a face serum? We share 7 amazing benefits of using face serum, what face serum is, and how to choose one for your skin type and routine.

New Year, new skincare resolutions

New Year, new skincare resolutions.

2020 is here, and we've got plenty of suggestions for easy-to-implement skincare regime upgrades!

2020: A look back

What a year. We'll be glad to say goodbye to 2020, it's been a bit of a disaster for both people and planet! However, in the spirit of always looking for the positives, join us as we take a look back at an unforgettable year.

2021 skincare and beauty trend predictions


2020 is, thankfully, nearly behind us. As we look to the future, it’s time to consider the skincare and beauty trends for 2021 – here are our predictions.

The UpCircle guide to hand sanitizer


In our guide to hand sanitizer we explain everything you need to know to look after your hands – from ingredients to the best hand sanitiser for dry hands.

How To Win At Winter Skin

Winter is well and truly on its way, and whilst we swap our sandals for boots and Aperol in the park for mulled wine by the fire, we also need to adjust our skincare routines to keep us glowing! We're here to make sure the strong bitter winds and central heating don’t cause havoc for you and your skin.

Tips for dealing with maskne


If you’re suddenly getting more spots around your nose and chin from wearing a face mask, you’re not alone. We explain how you can prevent and treat maskne.

Skin and stress: top tips for managing stress


If your skin is sensitive or reactive, then stress will show on your skin. Here we share our best stress management tips to help your skin and wellbeing.

Caring for mature skin – our top tips


We share our top tips for taking care of mature skin care, along with our best recommendations of natural skincare products for mature skin.

Hemp and CBD in skincare – what you need to know


What is hemp and what is CBD? We explain how these ingredients are used in skincare and cosmetics, as well as their health benefits for skin.

The Hidden Benefits of Vegan Skincare

At UpCircle, we’re convinced that vegan skincare isn’t just better for animals, it’s better for you too. Here we explain the benefits of vegan skincare.

Ingredient Highlight: Apricot stone powder


Apricot kernel powder has an incredible range of benefits for both skin and overall health. We explain everything you need to know about this wonder ingredient.

Skincare benefits of chamomile


The chamomile benefits for skin are numerous – in this post, we explain what chamomile is, its benefits in skincare, and how to add it to your skin routine.


DIY Face Masks are a great way to give your skin some love and attention AND use up some of those ingredients sitting in the cupboards! The added bonus? You know exactly what you are putting on your face!

Hyaluronic acid – what’s all the fuss about?


It may sound like something out of a chemistry set, but hyaluronic acid for skin and eyes is big news in the beauty industry. We explain what it is and the benefits.