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"I spoke with Celeste Thomas, a Registered Nurse and holistic skincare expert. She has devoted her career to exploring the ever-evolving skincare industry. Celeste utilizes her medical expertise and passion for holistic wellness to find what truly works. Below you will find links to products from her favorite skincare brands!! I already bought and love them all!"


"UpCircle as the goal of saving 120 tons of coffee within the next five years. Spent coffee grounds, used chai tea spices, and leftover fruit stones become natural ingredients for Soaps, Face Masks, Serums and Exfoliators without the need to farm or grow anything new—not only preserving our planet’s natural resources but also preventing new waste from hitting landfills."


"Since starting UpCircle, the Brightmans say that they have prevented 250 tons of coffee from that fate. Based on their current growth rate, the company is looking to save an additional 1,000 tons through 2025. It’s now collecting from hundreds of coffee-making businesses all over London and have expanded the production to include products that feature discarded olive and stone fruit waste in their list of ingredients—the rest of which are vegan and all-natural."


"We believe that all life is sacred. That’s why we use only the finest plant-based ingredients, and we never test on animals. Every UpCircle product is made with a core repurposed ingredient. We bring them back to life as beauty products your skin will love. Our brand name encapsulates our core purpose: sustainability and promoting the power of the circular economy. UpCircle also hints at ‘upcycling’, the process of making something better from things that already exist."


"Harnessing some of the leftovers of the daily grind, UpCircle recycle spent coffee grounds from London cafés into zero waste face and body scrubs. The Herbal Blend is a natural exfoliator for oily and combination types and has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties."


"Lather yourself in leftovers – Sustainable beauty brand UpCircle has taken a novel approach to leftovers, sourcing coffee grounds from London’s artisan coffee shops to make its indulgent body scrubs that work wonders, smell amazing and are kind to our planet."


"If you’re suffering from a bout of bad skin, UpCiricle’s Chai Body Bar is here for you. Infused with fennel and cardamom, the soap bar will help to gently cleanse your skin. The green clay will draw the toxins out of your pores, combatting acne and breakouts. The addition of shea butter will leave your face and body feeling smooth and hydrated."


"This moisturizer is completely clean and has a certain fragrance about it that leaves you feeling like you’ve just stepped out of a spa. Such a treat to lather on before you go to bed. It keeps your skin well hydrated without a greasy residue and provides you with that fresh dewy look when used as a day cream."


"The coronavirus pandemic has hit start-ups across the world with a great and devastating force. In a new series, ‘Business as Unusual’, we'll be shining a light on Virgin StartUp supported companies who are already changing their business models and responding to the new normal. To launch the series, I reached out to Anna Brightman who co-founded UpCircle Beauty with her brother, to discuss their experience with business as unusual. Here’s what she had to say..."

MSN - MAY '20

"Right now, small brands are doing everything they can to stay afloat. And for the health of the planet, let’s hope that they do. It’s the indie labels that are making real progress towards creating a more sustainable beauty industry—and have been since before it was cool.

Rather than slowly righting the wrongs of decades-old poor production ethics, the newcomers are delivering solutions. Take UpCircle, who are utilizing other industries' by-products to build a beauty movement."

WWD - APR '20

“For UpCircle Beauty’s affordable product line, the packaging has evolved over time. “Packaging is my biggest point of frustration as a beauty brand owner,” said Anna Brightman, founder. “Plastic, a little bit like palm oil, has a terrible reputation in the minds of consumers… we minimize our use of plastic as much as we possibly can,” Brightman continued. “In the U.K, there was a huge switch after the television show ‘Planet Earth,’ which literally captured hearts and minds across the country.”


"A new trend in the world of sustainable beauty is upcycling. Recycling is when you convert waste, like an empty lipstick stick, into reused material. Upcycling, on the other hand, is when you reuse a product you'd normally throw away, like an empty candle glass, and turn it into a new product, like a brush holder. There's lots of upcycling happening on the brand front, too. UpCircle Beauty, actually upcycles leftover natural ingredients from used coffee grounds and brewed chai tea spices to create their beauty products."

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