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Ingredient spotlight: bamboo extract

  • 4 min read

Transparency has always been, and always will be, at the heart of what we do, here at UpCircle. We know our UpCirclers value this, and want to know exactly what is in their favorite skin and hair products – and most importantly, why. 

We started our ingredient spotlight series to take a deep dive into our ingredients and share more about the ins and outs of their benefits. Today, we’re running through everything you need to know about bamboo extract, which you’ll find in our nourishing Conditioner Crème with Upcycled Orange Peel Extract.

With so many skin and hair care ingredients on the market, it’s important to understand why we’ve chosen to include bamboo extract in our products and what benefits it can bring. 

What is bamboo extract?

Bamboo extract is derived from the stalk as well as the leaves of a bamboo (bambusoideae) plant – which is not just a single type of plant, rather a group of woody plants in the grass family Poaceae

This plant is known to be one of the fastest growing plants in the world and despite being a grass, these plants can grow so large as to resemble trees. In some parts of the world, you can even see bamboo forests, where bamboo plants are as tall as trees tower overhead. 

How to use bamboo extract for hair

In order to make the most out of the hair-enriching benefits of bamboo extract, try to use products incorporating the ingredient in their formulations to get an extra boost. 

Bamboo hair products could include shampoos, conditioners and oils – however, it is important to make sure that the methods used when formulating these products match up with your ethical values. 

We’re proud that our Conditioner Crème with Bamboo Extract is 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free. As a brand, we love to give ingredients a new lease of life by upcycling them, and take care to only use sustainable sources when sourcing our ingredients. 

Bamboo extract benefits for hair

1. Highly antioxidant 

Bamboo extract has been found to have excellent antioxidant activity, helping to maintain the overall health of your hair. Antioxidants work hard to fight off and neutralize free radicals which threaten to damage healthy cells by stealing an atom. 

Additionally, the antioxidant nature of bamboo extract helps to maintain the collagen levels of the body and scalp, as well as the connective tissues in the hair strands.

2. Soothes the scalp

Various scalp conditions can cause pain and irritation including psoriasis. Luckily, bamboo extract can help to soothe the scalp due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. 

Many people are only just starting to realize the importance of scalp care for the health and appearance of your hair, previously only taking notice when bothersome symptoms appear such as a dry scalp, dandruff and an itchy scalp. 

3. Increases blood flow to the scalp

Bamboo extract stimulates blood flow to the scalp. This is essential for maintaining healthy and strong hair follicles, which in turn keep your locks looking and feeling their best. 

4. Encourages hair growth

With increased blood circulation to the scalp comes the growth of stronger, healthier hair. Strong follicles and a healthy scalp can help to reduce hair breakage, meaning your locks look and feel fuller and more voluminous. 

5. Adds shine to your locks

Packed with several essential hair and skincare vitamins, bamboo extract helps to nourish your hair and scalp. Adding moisture and essential nutrients, using bamboo hair products can help to add the shine back to your mane and promote healthy hair.   

6. Helps to reduce dandruff

Adding moisture, soothing the scalp and healing, bamboo extract can also help to reduce dandruff. Studies have shown that Malassezia, a type of fungi, is a major factor in dandruff and that bamboo oil has anti-malassezial effects. 

Dry scalp is often confused with dandruff, when in actual fact dandruff is often caused by excess oils on the scalp rather than a lack of moisture. 

UpCircle’s all new bamboo hair conditioner

Our second product launch in the haircare space, the all new Conditioner Crème with Upcycled Orange Peel Extract is intensely nourishing and helps to soften and moisturize the hair.

The formulation uses upcycled orange peel wax – a by-product of the orange juice and fruit industry, as well as the gin distilling trade – which contains botanical lipids. This helps to create a safeguarding shield against environmental stressors, while sealing in essential moisture for lasting hydration. 

The conditioner is packed full of hair-loving ingredients, such as turkey tail mushroom extract and bamboo extract, which each contains nourishing nutrients and bioactive compounds that deeply nurture the scalp and strengthen hair follicles. 

Soy protein is also used due to its conditioning properties that work to improve the hair’s natural shine, making it appear healthier and more radiant. Helping to fight frizz even in humid conditions, this conditioner compliments our fan-favouite Shampoo Crème with Upcycled Pink Berry Extract perfectly.



It was incredibly important to us to make sure that our products are inclusive, providing nourishment to all hair types. After some fine-tuning, we’re thrilled to have created a product that is both very mild on the skin and eyes, and is also suitable for all hair types including heavily coiled or textured hair. 

Similar to our Shampoo, our Conditioner Crème is a hybrid of liquid and solid – highly concentrated pastes made from 50% less water than the average liquid shampoo or conditioner. This also makes the products physically lighter, meaning that they require less packaging.

Better still, you can purchase both of our Shampoo and Conditioner Crèmes together as a bundle – the Sulphate-Free Haircare Duo – and receive a discount on the RRP. 



With this combo, you’ll reap the benefits of upcycled leftover pink berries and orange peel wax to strengthen the hair and hydrate the scalp, as well as the likes of antioxidant bamboo extract, anti-inflammatory lavender oil, and hair-loving rosemary oil.



Available now, shop our all-new Conditioner Crème and Sulphate-Free Haircare Duo.