Face Moisturizer vs Face Serum: Which should come first?

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We often get asked: “Why do you apply the Face Serum after the Face Moisturizer?”. It’s understandable that you would question it, seeing as it’s not what's traditionally recommended in the beauty industry. But, in short, using our Face Serum after our Face Moisturiser is the best way to keep your skin nourished and glowing all year round! Before you think we’ve completely lost our marbles, in this blog we will explain exactly why our Face Serum should be applied after our Face Moisturizer.

The Face Moisturizer first then Face Serum debate…

For as long as it seems, the general rule of thumb when applying skincare products is to apply the lightest products first and the heaviest last, which is typically serum first, then moisturizer. However, with new innovations in place and so many progressive products out there, it starts to get confusing as to which products are heaviest and which are the lightest. The good news is, we will now dive into what you all came here for…

Why should you apply our Face Serum after our Face Moisturizer?

Although our Face Serum may feel and seem thinner than our Face Moisturizer as it's a liquid formula, it’s actually heavier. Our Face Serum is 100% oil-based and is able to penetrate our Face Moisturizer, allowing it to reach your skin, but the reverse isn’t true. If you want to amp up the moisture, applying our Face Serum after Face Moisturizer is the best way. This will help the Face Moisturizer absorb while the Face Serum seals and adds an extra layer of nourishment. Since our Face Moisturizer is part water based, it cannot penetrate through the oils and wouldn't be able to fully absorb into the skin if our Face Serum was applied first. A simple way to understand why we recommend this order is that the Face Moisturizer helps your skin to retain moisture, whereas the oils in our Face Serum help lock it in. We hope this answers the ongoing dilemma of whether it's Face Serum first or after! 

For more information on what order to apply our products in, please check out our blog post explaining our recommended routine here:

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