UpCircle before and afters

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We use the highest quality ingredients, for the best possible results. You'll feel, and SEE, the difference! But of course, this is all very easy to say... The proof is in the before and afters of our very own UpCirclers.

We want show the world there's no compromise on performance when elevating leftover natural ingredients. In fact, the results are usually much better than the conventional, mass-produced skincare options out there!

Have a look, and a read, of some of our latest UpCircler feedback:


"I bought some products for the first time from you this week for a friend's birthday. I was given two samples and used them for myself (naughty!). I absolutely love the products and would love to purchase them when I can. On the left is a before picture of my skin (9 hour work day, dull, dry and aged). On the right is me after showering with the Cleansing Balm and then applying the Face Moisturiser. My skin is visibly brighter, more radiant, smooth and plump!" Liane


"I hope you don't mind a guy sending you some before and afters but I had to share! I've been using the Scrubs for a while now and they've done wonders for my red/dry skin on my cheeks and forehead. Thank you so much!" Adam


"I just wanted to share some before and after photos of my skin since using your Face Serum. I really love the product and I love its ethos even more! It's evening out my skin tone and it's beautifully moisturising, my skin feels so soft now I'm using the serum. I'm looking forward to how good my skin is going to look given even more time using the product! The picture with my hair up is the before, taken on 30th March. The photo with my hair down was taken on 28th April. 
Thank you for the great work you do and thank you for making such a lovely product. One very happy customer here!" Kate


"I have seen amazing results from the products I got from UpCircle. 
The Coffee Face Scrub has improved the small under the skin pimples on my forehead. The Face Serum is really improving the glow. And the Cleansing Balm is unreal! 
The shadows under my eyes are getting so much better and my skin glows! I am recommending your products to everyone!" Alice

Have you seen a positive difference in your skin since using UpCircle products in your skincare routine? We would love to see! Simply email your pics to If we use them, we'll send you an UpCircle Gift Voucher!

And if you haven't yet tried anything from our range, then what are you waiting for?! Click HERE to shop the range! 

We'll be back with more before and afters soon! Stay tuned x